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Effective anti-age management begins with a thorough cleansing.

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ZEITGARD Cleansing
Step 1 Cleansing

Preparatory Facial Cleansing

Pure skin is the first step to a fresh and younger looking complexion. The ZEITGARD Cleansing System is the beginning of the innovative ZEITGARD Anti-Age Management.

Effective Skin Cleansing

The fresh and thorough face cleansing removes blemishes more efficient than conventional cleansing.
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ZEITGARD CLeansing Model Device

Innovative Cleansing Products

Innovative, advanced cleansing products elevate facial cleansing to a great experience and perfectly prepare for the second maintenance step.

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ZEITGARD Cleansing Device
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  • Gentle and Revitalizing Facial Cleansing

    Oscillating brush filaments even remove severe skin blemishes and impurities which are collected in a kind of "mesh". The cleansing goes deep into the pores but is still soft and tender, because the rounded brush filaments that glide gently over the skin’s surface.

  • Effective Cleansing for Optimal Results

    The innovative facial cleansing brush removes makeup and other residues up to 10 x more effective than manual facial cleansing * without straining the skin. Applying the facial brush for 20 seconds per facial area already achieves an ideal cleanliness.

  • Perfect preparation for further care steps

    Thanks to the effective removal of cosmetic residues and impurities applied skin care products effortlessly penetrate into the skin. The valuable active ingredients may now unfold targeted.

  • Top-Class Unique Hygiene

    For up to three months the specially developed, rounded brush filaments remain hygienically clean using the antibacterial agent Microsilver BG™. The active agent forms an effective shield by successfully reducing bacteria and preventing their renewal.

  • Nourishing Depth Effect for Perfect Skin

    Professional skin cleansing ensures a pure appearance and leaves a fresh skin sensation. After the treatment the smooth, refined-looking skin radiates all its charisma.

  • Fresh Tan Through a Gentle Facial Massage

    The combination of thorough deep skin cleansing and a gentle massage effect is pure wellness for the face. Blood circulation is boosted and connective tissue is stimulated. The tan appears fresh and rosy.

* Scientific study conducted by the renowned Institute Dermatest GmbH


Perfect facial cleansing is the first step towards a younger and smoother looking skin. During the following anti-age treatment you effectively counteract skin aging with the innovative ZEITGARD Anti-Age System.

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ZEITGARD Anti-Age System


Complete facial cleansing in just one minute is so good! In addition, you can see the effects: Beautiful skin and even small wrinkles disappear.


As a "man” you can finally maintain your looks. The feeling on the skin is simply stunning, especially when ZEITGARD is used after shaving. Top product!


I use Zeitgard because it’s Trendy and LR is offering the best Cleansing System on the market.


ZEITGARD Cleansing System is ideal for the deep cleansing for my very sensitive skin.