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Finalizing Facial Care. Optimally balanced for different types of skin.

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ZEITGARD Cleansing
Step 3 Care

Finalizing Facial Care

Longtime smooth and even looking skin needs an individual Care System. The ZEITGARD Care Systems nourish every kind of skin individually and with long-lasting results.

Pampering for Your Skin

An individual regenerating care for every skin type pampers your skin with velvety textures and high quality ingredients.
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Care Series for Every Situation

The innovative care products act like a fountain of youth for your skin. They prevent premature skin aging, soften wrinkles and rejuvenate the skin. A perfect conclusion for young-looking skin and long-lasting results.

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  • Effective and Continuous Supportive Facial Care

    For any situation the proper assistance. From a fast "rejuvenating kick" because of tense skin, to an effective UV protection for sunny days, through to a smoothing of wrinkles at night. Every opportunity you get, you do something good for your skin!

  • Completion of a Comprehensive Anti-Age Management

    Innovative facial cleansing and professional anti-aging are the foundation against skin aging, which will be completed with effective facial skin care. In three simple steps you will achieve visible and sustainable results.

  • Individual Regeneration Care for Any Skin Type

    For all ages, genders and every skin type the appropriate facial care. Whether you want to smooth wrinkles, prevent skin aging, or protect your skin from sunlight.

  • High-Quality Ingredients for Optimum Effect

    Care series developed on the basis of silk, gold and diamonds are truly a highlight from LR in facial care. The premium ingredients work effectively against the formation of wrinkles, prevent premature aging and lead to a radiating appearance.

  • Innovative formulas with essential Amino Acids

    All facial care products of the ZEITGARD Care System contain valuable amino acids. They support the moisture management within the skin within and make it look visibly vital.

  • Balanced care products for everyone

    Vanishing cream, eye cream, specific working serums. The ZEITGARD Care Systems supply the skin with everything it needs. All from a single source.

* Scientific study conducted by the renowned Institute Dermatest GmbH