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After a thorough deep cleansing proceed with ZEITGARD 2 to the next step for a smooth and young looking skin.

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ZEITGARD Cleansing
Step 2 Anti-Age

Special Treatments Against Skin Aging

Wrinkles and young looking skin don’t match. The second step deals with the systematic treatment of wrinkles and swellings – with immediate noticeable results.

Innovative Technology for Beautiful Skin

A dermatological proven active hot/cold treatment counteracts skin aging and softens wrinkles visibly.
ZEITGRAD CLeansing Video
ZEITGARD CLeansing Model Device

For Beauty From Within

Thanks to the thermal treatment, the active anti-aging ingredients can penetrate deep into the skin structure and deploy their full effect.

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ZEITGARD Cleansing Device
Users Confirm*: 90% more toned
80% immediate
75% younger
looking eye
* Proven clinical results.
  • Smoothing of Wrinkles and Visibly Rejuvenating Tan

    The hot/cold treatment in combination of the massage function helps fill wrinkles and tighten facial skin. The skin appears smoother, rejuvenated and fresher than before application.

  • More Freshness for a Youthful-Looking Skin Around the Eyes

    An effective eye serum supplies the delicate skin around the eyes with moisture and boosts the skin’s regeneration. Small wrinkles appear smoother than before.*

  • Revitalizing the Skin Structure from Scratch

    With the hot/cold treatment active anti-aging ingredients are effectively introduced into and absorbed by the skin. The active compounds can now unfold their full potential from within.

  • Stimulating the Skin Layers

    Through vibration, care ingredients will reach deeper skin layers and will be optimally distributed throughout. In addition, the absorption of active ingredients is stimulated.

  • Immediately Visible Results

    Professional technology and perfectly matched intensive care instantly lead to visible and perceptible results. This is confirmed by 80% of the users. *

  • Reduction of Skin Swelling

    The interaction of the hot/cold treatment stimulates the skin and tissue to relax or to contract. Thus, excess fluid can be removed through the stimulation of the skin.

* Scientific study conducted by the renowned Institute Dermatest GmbH


Using ZEITGARD 2 you have successfully completed the second step of your anti-aging program. Now you can pamper your skin with valuable care products.

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